Perry Pederson



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Perry Pederson

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

For the past 40 years, Mr. Pederson’s career has spanned the public and private sector R&D communities in information security and protection of industrial control systems. The last 15 years have been focused on applying cyber security to industrial control systems found within critical infrastructure.

At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Perry was a Technical Advisor and Principal Investigator for projects ranging from assessing cyber security vulnerabilities in critical nuclear enterprise systems to developing cyber security training for the next generation of nuclear operators. Prior to joining PNNL, Perry worked at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). He was part of the team that built the regulatory framework for cybersecurity for nuclear power reactors and represented the NRC on various International Atomic Energy Agency working groups. Perry was also the first person to hold the position of Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at the NRC.

He has received the SANS Process Control/SCADA Security Leadership Award for his outstanding and continuous efforts in protecting critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, a Master of Science in Information Security Analysis, and is a doctoral candidate researching security metrics for industrial control system environments. His professional certifications include CCRMP, C|CISO, and CSQE.