Security Assessments and Threat Prevention For Business and Personal Protection

USA Nuclear, with its qualified personnel in conducting security assessments to protect the most sensitive nuclear material from vulnerabilities in some of the most threatening environments in the world, applies decades of experience and a graded approach to conduct a technically proven security analysis of your property and assets.

Conduct an actual walkdown of your property and assets with world recognized experts in the security principles of detection, assessment, delay, and response.

Make unbiased recommendations based on experience protecting the most fortified critical infrastructure in the entire world from acts of terrorism, theft, and sabotage.

Teach you and train your business in the principles of security. We want you to be informed, prepared, and confident in your personal and business protection.

USA Nuclear can provide an independent and unbiased assessment of your home and business and inform your decision on what it will take to detect, assess, and delay while waiting for the cavalry to arrive.

Be prepared before the criminals come.

Through these assessments, we provide cost-effective recommendations to upgrade existing security systems or recommend a site-specific security methodology that will deter a would-be threat from destroying or endangering your property and assets. We answer the question that is too often asked retrospectively:

What could the simple, cost-effective security measures have been that would have deterred rioters, looters, and domestic terrorists to move on to the next property instead of yours?

Be prepared before the criminals come.

We can inform you on how to preclude a would-be intruder from even attempting to trespass or threaten your property and assets utilizing a proven methodology and craft of security that has been used by the U.S. government, domestic private sector, and the entire world to safeguard the protection of nuclear weapons and nuclear material from terrorism, theft, or sabotage. Our personal and business security assessments are ideal for:

  • Individuals and businesses looking to enhance their on-site security systems
  • People in potentially high-crime or “targeted” areas
  • Commercial businesses, such as liquor stores, shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, car dealerships, and more that could be considered “soft” or “attractive” targets for rioting, looting, and vandalism
  • Companies that cannot afford long-term downtime or reputational harm resulting from criminal activity or domestic terrorism

What will you do while you wait for first responders?

Looted and vandalized businesses could take months or years to rebuild, if they are ever able to recover at all. Current police response times may not prevent prolonged or permanent damage to your property, home, or assets. If the police are able or permitted to respond to your call for help, what will YOU do while YOU wait?

What will you do while you wait for first responders?
Average police response time for property crimes: 11 MINUTES - 1 HOUR

Factors that can slow response time:

  • Number of incoming calls
  • Number of officers available
  • Number of officers needed to respond to the situation

Place your trust in USA Nuclear.

The principles of nuclear security have consistently been proven to be the most effective and advanced systems-level approach to conducting security domestically and internationally. USA Nuclear is among the most highly regarded nuclear security experts throughout the U.S. government, domestic private sector, and international community in implementing this approach. We implement these proven security principles using a graded approach to advise you on the most appropriate security methods, technologies, and personnel needed to protect your property and assets from terrorism, theft, or sabotage.