Shelly Wolf

Chief Operations Officer

Shelly Wolf is the Chief Operations Officer of USA Nuclear. She is responsible for driving the company’s strategy, financial performance, and business activities utilizing her more than 20 years of experience in utility operations, corporate leadership, and management in the government and private sector. Her operations purview extends into the implementation of a forward-leaning technology strategy; introducing tactical initiatives and procedures; and defining corporate policies for the company. Her focus remains on nuclear services development for commercial and government customers worldwide in several areas:

  • Engineering
  • Modifications and maintenance
  • Digital instrumentation and analytics
  • Training and professional services
  • Federal compliance and expectations
  • Procurement matters

Previous experience includes training and security operations roles at Southern California Edison, a subsidiary of Edison International, and San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), where she oversaw implementation of training programs for the Physical Security Response Force, as well as operations in Nuclear Sabotage Mitigation.

Over more than a decade with Edison International, Wolf served in a number of key assignments in the field of nuclear security, physical protection, cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and developing training programs. She has widespread experience in business development and operational leadership in government and commercial markets, and is one of our country’s foremost SME’s on nuclear security operations, safeguards, threat assessment, sabotage mitigation, risk assessment, and treaty implementation.

Prior to beginning her career as a nuclear and energy utility professional, Wolf served in domestic and global combat engineering operations in the United States Marine Corps. She has held a World Champion title as a solo competitor in the sport of cheerleading and was a professional NFL cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams. She was also crowned as a Miss America Scholarship recipient in the state of California. She has operated in domestic and international capacities across Cardiff Software, Planet Hollywood, Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as Metro Hills Hotel and Golf Resort in Japan.     

Wolf has earned a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a master’s degree in Organizational Development from Azusa Pacific University. Wolf attended UC Berkeley for Project Management and has earned numerous certifications in tactical operations, firearms training, and program development in the nuclear field throughout her career. She has received extensive training from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in nuclear security; the storage and transport of nuclear and other radioactive material; and cyber information and computer security.

Currently, she serves as the Committee Chair for Dominion Valley Country Club Events and promotes STEM activity initiatives with educational institutions throughout the country. Wolf is also involved in assisting veterans and small technology business owners in developing business and operating plans throughout Virginia. She is a member of the American Nuclear Society and is a sponsor of The Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information.