Steven D. Root, P.E.

Senior Nuclear Engineer Consultant

Steven Root is a Professional Engineer with more than 40 years of leadership experience in the commercial nuclear power industry.  His experience spans:  startup and initial licensing; development of emergency operating procedures; managing implementation of NRC orders and rule changes; and performing licensing and technical work related to plant systems, hazards, regulatory gaps, physical security, independent spent fuel storage, and decommissioning.  He has been an active participant in industry working groups that developed implementation guidance.

Mr. Root has 22 years of security experience including:  development of target sets; preparations for OSRE inspections; project management of Force-On-Force inspections; managing implementation of NRC security orders and rule changes; analyses of adversary pathways, defensive position placement, timelines, and blast protection; development of compensatory measures; management of the security plans including development of a Physical Security Plan Annex for specific major modifications affecting security; and preparation of the security plans for a new Consolidated Interim Storage Facility.  He performed the core technical work for NEI 09-05 guidance on unattended pathways and developed a mechanical retrofit device for gates to actuate existing fence security sensors (U.S. Patent 7,561,042 B2 dated July 14, 2009).

He has 15 years of project management experience including:  implementation of NRC Fukushima orders; implementation of NRC security orders and rule changes; target set development; Force-on-Force exercises; reanalysis of design basis hazards and regulatory commitments; evaluation of system interactions, root cause and corrective actions; and development of risk reduction measures.

He has 10 years of program management experience for the B.5.b (post-Fukushima) mitigation strategies, including development of comprehensive program basis documents, implementing procedures, procedure changes for program sustainability, and training.

His other technical work includes:  reanalysis of San Onofre safety systems and the San Onofre switchyard for single failure, including development of advanced methodologies to address conditions that were not adequately assessed by industry standard failure modes and affects analysis; development of the hazard barrier control program for San Onofre, including reanalysis of missile, line break, environmental and flooding hazards with open barrier conditions; and mechanical analysis and design, including environmental qualification of mechanical equipment.

Prior to his extensive career in commercial nuclear power, Mr. Root was a nuclear propulsion engineer at the DOE.  He is a graduate of Naval Reactors’ Bettis Reactor Engineering School and holds both an MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.