Steven Kraft



Steven Kraft

Executive Consultant

Steven Kraft is an accomplished executive consultant with expertise resolving issues facing the nuclear industry by using deep experience integrating political, policy, regulatory, technical, federal, state, and international elements. He has a strong interest in how future nuclear energy technologies will enhance the coming hybrid energy system, and is adept at achieving alignment on issues with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and state and regional policy makers by identifying goals and paths to success. Kraft is also conversant with nuclear electricity generation cost challenges and sources of potential operational efficiencies.

Upon retirement from the Nuclear Energy Institute in 2018, Kraft formed Kraft-Contente, LLC, providing policy and regulatory assistance to the nuclear energy and related industries. He is associated with USA Nuclear as an Executive Consultant. USA Nuclear develops and executes innovative solutions to technical and regulatory issues, to sustain the use of nuclear technology within the United States and throughout the world.

During his almost 40 years with the Nuclear Energy Institute and Edison Electric Institute, Kraft led programs critical to the success of nuclear energy:

  • Delivering the Nuclear Promise® (DNP), issuing 67 concrete efficiency recommendations for a total $1.6 billion in generation cost savings
  • Critical post-Fukushima accident policy, regulatory, and operational enhancements, including preventing the NRC from ordering the installation of unnecessary containment vent filters on U.S. plants like those at Fukushima Daichi - saving over $1.3 billion and avoiding the premature shutdown of several boiling water reactor generating plants
  • Major used nuclear fuel legislation, regulations, and oversight of the Federal high-level nuclear waste program

He developed critical legislation, testified before Congress, encouraged DOE to develop appropriate programs, led teams that developed regulatory guidance, and obtained NRC endorsement. He has appeared before the NRC, the NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, and the National Academy of Sciences, and has engaged with state and regional policy makers. Kraft also served on the TMI-2 accident response team.

Kraft is a recognized industry leader serving on the U.S. Department of Energy Reactor Safety Technology Expert Panel, as well as the American Nuclear Society nuclear installations safety division executive committee. He has formerly served on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers nuclear standards board. He continues to be a prominent speaker at industry and related events and is an occasional university guest lecturer.

Kraft holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, from New York University (1972) and two master’s degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering (1975) and Management Science (1980).