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From cybersecurity to defense, USA Nuclear is a leading advisor on safeguarding our nation’s most critical nuclear assets and facilities.

The nuclear energy consulting firm, USA Nuclear, offered compliance training for nuclear power plants and federal bodies.

Setting the standard

Government, NGO, and commercial enterprises trust USA Nuclear to deliver forward-thinking analysis and real-world insights that propel next generation physical and cyber protection. We bring together some of the most brilliant minds across nuclear fields to consult and advise our clients. Our team is highly focused, rigorously trained, and exceptionally credentialed, culled from decades of experience in nuclear cybersecurity and defense.

Our people are our greatest asset.

Meet the executive team at USA Nuclear

Supporting the mission

Our specialists guide nuclear research, development, and innovation for America’s most significant nuclear technology stakeholders, including national laboratories, regulatory commissions, non-proliferation think tanks, material storage facilities, and utility providers. We are especially poised to advise on nuclear perspectives in national security, defense, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure management. Both at home and abroad, we drive nuclear interests forward. What can we do for you?

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USA Nuclear compliance consultants offer nuclear energey expertise to commerical and federal organizations.

We don’t rest on our laurels.

USA Nuclear continually challenges the status quo to affect intelligent nuclear policy and greater successes for our clients.

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Developed and implemented initial NRC and industry guidance for nuclear plant modernization

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Developed and implemented NRC guidance to extend long-term reactor operations to 80 years

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Led industry-NRC coordination that reduced the scope of the Triannual Force-on-Force Inspections by 30%

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Led industry-NRC teams to develop and implement more than 70 nuclear security-related policies

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Initiated digital transformation of commercial nuclear power industry